About Mausoleum

In 2013, I was visiting Boston and was walking through the library at Boston College, when I saw a plaque on the wall with some very intriguing letter shapes. The E, M, and W reminded me of certain Art Deco sensibilities, and more recently in history the typeface Serif Gothic by Herb Lubalin and Tony DeSpigna. Inspired by these letters, I designed a typeface called “Whittington”, a flared serif with geometric proportions.

When designing Whittington, I was mostly interested in the capital letterforms, and drew a very clunky lowercase alphabet to accompany it. Years later, after having attended the Type@Cooper program, I revisited Whittington, and was baffled by certain decisions I had made. From these initial drawings, and seeking to establish a sensible lowercase as well as exploring additional weights, the current iteration of this style Mausoleum was born.

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Mausoleum Variable
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Mausoleum Thin, Mausoleum Extra Light, Mausoleum Light, Mausoleum Regular, Mausoleum Medium, Mausoleum Semibold, Mausoleum Bold, Mausoleum Extra Bold, Mausoleum Black,
Mausoleum Core
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Mausoleum Extra Light, Mausoleum Regular, Mausoleum Bold,

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Mausoleum Thin
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Mausoleum Extra Light
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Mausoleum Light
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Mausoleum Regular
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Mausoleum Medium
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Mausoleum Semibold
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Mausoleum Bold
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Mausoleum Extra Bold
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Mausoleum Black
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