Fraunces is a display, soft-serif typeface inspired by the mannerisms of early 20th century typefaces such as Windsor, Souvenir, and the Cooper Series. Fraunces will be released as an Open Source Variable font with 4 axes: Weight, Softness, Wonk, and Optical Size.

  • Designed by: Phaedra Charles Flavia Zimbardi
  • Released: September 2020
  • Commissioned by: Google Fonts
  • Styles: Roman & Italic, 4 Axes, 100+ styles.
  • View the Fraunces minisite

Get Fraunces

Fraunces is an Open Source font, meaning you can download it, edit it, subset it, and do whatever you’d like with it! Available currently through GitHub, and eventually on Google Fonts.

Get Fraunces