Joost Schmidt’s (1893–1948) name is undoubtedly connected with monolinear condensed letters of geometric appearance—his unfinished draft of a stencil alphabet, constructed on grid paper in 1930, is much lesser-known. From just six original letterforms (a, b, c, d, e, g), Flavia Zimbardi completed Schmidt’s draft and extended it to a full character set for contemporary use, with upper case, lining and old-style figures, plus stylist alternates that adds round terminals, lending even more personality to the typeface. Joschmi overcomes legibility issues usually associated with this stencil style, with special attention to the design of white space. In 2018, the digital form went full circle, and back to analog, as Joschmi was manufactured for letterpress—the 500+ glyph set carved in wood, topped with Formica is now housed at P98a in Berlin.

  • Designed by: Flavia Zimbardi
  • Released: March 2018
  • Client: Adobe Fonts